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The following links are divided into sections: criminal justice issues, youth advocacy and HIV/AIDS resources. All links will open in a new window. To return to this listing, close the new window.


ABA Commission on Effective Criminal Sanctions
This new Commission seeks to develop a broad consensus among prosecutors, defenders and judges, about what can and should be done to reduce reliance on incarceration and to reduce recidivism.  Reports and recommendations are available on this site.

Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law
A public-interest law firm operating out of NYU that seeks to promote equality, protect human dignity, and safeguard fundamental freedoms.

Bureau of Justice Statistics
The database for accessing nationally collected statistics and information regarding crime, victims, law enforcement, and the judicial system. Tracks new developments, conferences, presentations, and press releases relevant to crime and justice.

Center for Court Innovation
CCI is a New York based organization seeking to improve the performance of the court system.

Center for Guerilla Law
A "radical, legal think-tank and multi-service project" that seeks to protect individual and minority rights through legal representation, CGL is modeled on the win-with-less principles of guerilla warfare.

The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
An agency established to create humane and balanced juvenile and criminal justice policies through direct service, technical assistance, and policy research.

The Correctional Association of New York
A private, non-profit criminal justice policy and advocacy organization, the Correctional Association of NY works to create a fair, efficient and humane criminal justice system.

Collateral Consequences of Criminal Charges
An online collaborative forum where judges, lawyers and scholars can learn more about collateral consequences;  content managed by experts in the major areas of New York law where collateral consequences occur.

Critical Resistance
National — http://www.criticalresistance.org/
East Index — http://www.criticalresistance.org/creast/
CR seeks to end the Prison Industrial Complex by "challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe," instead focusing on providing safety via food, clothing, shelter, and freedo.

The website of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants, outlines problems of the criminal justice and prison system, as well as proposes solutions.

Drop the Rock
A powerful array of individuals and organizations throughout New York State is working vigorously on DROP THE ROCK, the Campaign to Repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Drug Policy Alliance
The Drug Policy Alliance promotes new drug policies based on science, compassion, health, and human rights. The site contains information on a state by state, drug by drug basis.

Family and Corrections Network
FCN is devoted to the families of prisoners in order to help the criminal justice system become more oriented towards family assistance. The site provides access to information for families, parenting programs, keep-in-touch and visiting programs, and prison marriage programs.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Homepage
United States Government’s homepage for its prison system. Includes inmate information, inmate locator, and a directory of federal prison facilities throughout the nation.

The Fortune Society
Staffed primarily by formerly incarcerated people, the Fortune Society aims to educate the public about prisons, criminal justice issues, and the root causes of crime. Their services also help ex-offenders and at-risk youth escape the cycle of crime and incarceration.

The Interfaith Coalition of Advocates for Reentry and Employment (ICARE) was founded in October 2004 to organize a religious response to the crisis of recidivism in New York State.

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
NACDL is an organization of the nation’s criminal defense lawyers that seeks to ensure justice, fair treatment, and due process for those that are accused of a crime. The site provides defendants and their attorneys with information, current events, event schedules, and other resources.

National Association of Sentencing Advocates
NASA is a group of professional court advocates and specialists that work with defense counsel in order to promote ethical sentencing standards in the courts.

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives
NCIA was one of the leaders in developing community based alternatives to incarceration and now operates across 15 states through four separate service programs. CCA began as a part of NCIA and played a key role its development and practice.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
This is a reference to hundreds of publications regarding corrections, courts, drugs and crime, international issues, law enforcement, victims of crime, statistics, and other issues.

The National H.I.R.E. Network
Established by the Legal Action Center, the National Helping Individuals with criminal records Re-enter through Employment Network is a national clearinghouse for information and an advocate for policy change. The National H.I.R.E. Network also provides training and technical assistance to agencies working to improve the employment prospects for people with criminal records.

National Institute of Corrections
NIC provides staff training services, resources, and conferences for correctional agencies and their employees. The site features corrections related online publications, video-conferences, internet-based networks, and video streams.

National Institute of Justice
The research, development, and evaluation agency of the U.S. department of justice, focusing on enhancing the administration of justice through technological and scientific advances.

National Association of Drug Court Professionals
NADCP seeks to reduce substance abuse and drug related crime by advocating for the creation of specialized drug courts that utilize a therapeutic approach to treating offenders.

New York State Bar Association
The New York State Bar Association is the nation's largest voluntary statewide association of lawyers and has long served a dual role as an advocate for the profession and for the public.

New York State Defenders Association
NYSDA is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of improving publicly supported legal representation for low income people.

NYS Department of Correctional Services
A guide to the New York State prison system including prison locations, maps, driving directions, inmate directory, and press releases.

NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York State’s site for accessing all information and resources regarding criminal justice and law.

The November Coalition
This not-for-profit organization seeks to combat injustices stemming from the U.S. War on Drugs.

Practising Law Institute
PLI seeks to educate attorneys and other members of the legal community in regards to ethical and competent practic.

Prison Activist Resource Center
This site is a source for progressive information on the criminal justice system, including the Prison Industrial Complex, immigration issues, and racism in the system.

Prison Law Page ("The Other Side of the Wall")
This is a source of prison-related literature, prison news, death penalty information, and a dictionary of prison terms.

Prison Legal News
This monthly publication provides review and analysis of the rights of people in prison, court rulings, and prison news. Back-issues can be accessed through the site.

The Real Cost Of Prisons Project
The Real Cost  of Prisons Project works to strengthen and deepen the organizing capacity of people and communities struggling to end mass incarceration.  Resources include a website with useful up-to-date research, books. links, RCPP-created materials, and a daily blog of news fucusing on mass incarceration at www.realcostofprisons.org/blog/

Reentry Net/NY

Reentry Net/NY is the first ever support network and information clearing house on reentry from jail and prison and the civil consequences of criminal proceedings.

Soros Foundation Network
Soros Foundation is an international organization whose goal is to educate the public and foster respect for human rights, minorities, and minority opinions.

A website with law, literature, opinion, infomration, and resources concerning prisons in the Univted States, written and edited by Paul Livingston, a New Mexico civil rights attorney.

The Jericho Foundation
This foundation seeks to heighten awareness of the existence of political prisoners within the United States. The site includes lists of prisoners and their information, as well as action alerts and announcements.

The Sentencing Project
A not-for-profit organization that promotes reduced reliance on incarceration and increased use of more effective and humane alternatives to deal with crime.

The Urban Institute
UI conducts economic and social policy research so that it can provide information regarding the problems facing our nation and how to combat them. Its site provides access to UI’s policy centers, experts, and research.

Women's Prison Association
Women's Prison Association is the nation's largest service and advocacy organization working directly with criminal justice-involved women.  WPA houses the Institute on Women & Criminal Justice, a new national center for dialogue, research, and information about criminal justice-involved women, their families and communities.


ACT for Youth
This organization operates in New York State communities to promote positive youth development and prevent risky behaviors.

Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Casey Foundation works to build better futures for disadvantaged children and their families in the United States, including juvenile detention alternatives initiative. The site hosts KIDS COUNT a national and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the U.S.

Building Blocks for Youth
Building Blocks for Youth is an alliance of children's advocates, researchers, law enforcement professionals and community organizers that seeks to protect minority youth in the justice system and promote rational and effective justice policies.

Dignity in Schools Campaign
The Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) challenges the systemic problem of pushout in our nation's schools and advocates for the human right of every child to a quality education and to be treated with dignity. The DSC unites parents, youth, educators and advocates in a campaign to promote local and national alternatives to a culture of zero-tolerance, punishment and removal.

Diverting Children from a Life of Crime (online publication)
An online text posted by the RAND Institute that describes a study of different youth crime prevention strategies and their implications, costs, and benefits.

National Court Appointed Special Advocate
National CASA provides leadership and support to CASA programs across the country. CASA programs train and support community volunteers that assist Family Courts in making crucial decisions affecting children. Volunteer court advocates speak for the needs of abused and neglected children in court and elsewhere to ensure these needs are met.

New York State Court Appointed Special Advocate Association
Site for CASA’s New York State branch. CCA sponsors the CASA program for Onondaga Country (LINK to CASA page on this site)

National Center for Education Statistics
The central information source for federally collected data related to education in the United States and other nations.

National Mentoring Partnership
Offers products and services to local mentoring programs in order to help them make the most out of their resources. Site provides assistance to those who wish to become a mentor, to find a mentor, to improve as a mentor, or begin a mentoring program.

National Youth Gang Center
NYGC seeks to compile and maintain information on the nation’s gang problem in order to build effective interventions.

Partnerships Against Violence Network
An online library of information about violence and youth, with data collected from several federal agencies. (This site has no links)

U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
This federal site provides information on conferences, funding opportunities, new publications, and other data related to juvenile delinquency.

Youth Law Center
The Youth Law Center is a non-profit, public interest law office that has worked to protect abused and at-risk children since 1978.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the lead federal agency for protecting the health and safety of people. This site supports the CDC’s HIV mission to prevent HIV infection and reduce the incidence of HIV-related illness and death.

Gay Men’s Health Center
GMHC’s mission is to reduce the spread of HIV disease, help people with HIV maintain and improve their health and independence, and keep the prevention, treatment and cure of HIV an urgent national and local priority.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygene
The site include extensive health information as well as information about health services and resource in New York City.

New York State Department of Health: HIV/AIDS in New York State
This site provides access to HIV/AIDS related services in New York State as well as information for health care providers, researchers, and consumers.