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Alan Rosenthal
Ann Usborne

Alan Rosenthal, Esq.

Alan Rosenthal is a criminal defense and civil rights attorney with over 30 years of experience. A graduate of Syracuse University College of Law he has litigated cases involving police misconduct and violations of civil rights in both jails and prisons. He is currently the Co-Director of Justice Strategies, the research, training and policy initiative of the Center for Community Alternatives. As the Co-Director of Justice Strategies he has supervised and provided mitigation services in capital cases for the past five years. He has lectured on such topics as "Race and the Criminal Justice System," “Police Misconduct Litigation,” “Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions,” “Sentencing Advocacy and Mitigation,” “Reentry and Reintegration,” and “Understanding the Interplay Between Sentencing and Department of Correctional Services Programs,” He authored the CCA publication Sentencing for Dollars, a tool for criminal defense lawyers to use when reviewing the financial consequences of a criminal conviction, and a working paper, Unlocking the Potential of Reentry and Reintegration. He has presented training for lawyers for both the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and New York State Defenders Association on sentencing, sentencing advocacy, mitigation, the collateral consequences of criminal convictions, Rockefeller Drug Law Reform, and ethics.


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Ann Usborne

Prior to joining the CSP staff at CCA in 2000, Ann worked as a Probation Officer for the States of New York and Massachusetts for fifteen years. While employed as a Probation Officer, she was responsible for the supervision of individuals and for completing court-ordered pre-sentencing reports. Ms. Usborne also coordinated both a county Youth Court Program and an Alternatives to Violence Program (in the community and in two maximum security state prison facilities). Since her employment with CCA, Ann has participated in mitigation training and death penalty mitigation training provided by NLADA and NASA.  She has provided sentencing and capital mitigation services on numerous state and federal criminal cases. Ms. Usborne is currently the Project Director for CCA’s Client Specific Planning program in Syracuse. 


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