The Youth Advocacy Program (YAP) is a court-mandated alternative to placement and alternative to incarceration program for youth charged as juvenile offenders involved with the Supreme Court.

YAP provides up to 12 months of supervision.  For each youth enrolled in the program, CCA submits monthly progress reports to the Court and all parties to the case. Court support services are also offered in order to advocate on the youth’s behalf before Supreme Court judges.

The program elements include:

  • Mandatory individual case management
  • Mandatory weekly life skills/therapeutic groups
  • Nightly curfew monitoring
  • (if necessary) Urinanalysis
  • Supervision of school attendance
  • Referrals to community service placements
  • Optional after school programming
  • Mental Health and Substance Treatment Referrals and Aftercare
  • Vocational Training Referrals and Placement Assistance
  • Educational Support Referrals
  • Other service referrals


Youth are eligible if they are between 12 and 16 years old, and have been arrested for a felony offense, detained at a Juvenile Detention Center and charged with a felony committed before their 16th birthday (juvenile offender).  Youth must also have a home in which they can reside during community monitoring .

Referral Process:

Youth who are  eligible for the YAP program may be referred for screening and acceptance to the Court Advocacy Unit at 212-691-1911. The agency will prepare any necessary plan and secure the required judicial mandate.

Read how YAP has provided youth with the opportunity to be advocates for change, assisting the United States government in developing its human rights report for submission to the United Nations as part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process.