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 After School @CCA/CHOICES Unlimited

Choices Unlimited provides up to 5 days per week of after school education together with individual counseling at CCA's Brooklyn, NY site. It employs a Positive Youth Development model that emphasizes building skills and fostering strengths as well as preventing negative behaviors. The goal is to help youth strengthen their ability to make constructive choices.

CHOICES Unlimited provides daily supervision to youth and reminds youth of their responsibility to report to court while their cases are pending, thus reducing the likelihood that they will commit further offenses. It helps keep youth in school and engaged in positive, healthy activities during the high-risk hours after the school day ends.

Learning needs of youth are assessed and follow-up is maintained with the youths' current schools through daily contact sheets. Youth participate in: academic tutoring; one-on-one and group counseling; arts activities; acting and drama therapy; dance; drumming and electronic composing; chess and board games; video games; trips to plays, concerts and sporting events; workshops focused on character development and conflict resolution; and literacy/writing workshops. Referrals are made to vocational and training programs.

Participants adhere to a court imposed curfew as well has having their school attendance monitored. Reports are made to the courts on the youths' progress. Immediate notifications are sent to Family Court when a serious violation to the program rules occurs or a new offense is committed.

Program Eligibility: CHOICES Unlimited serves as alternative to detention for eligible juveniles involved in delinquency proceedings in Kings County Family Court. It targets moderate-risk youth who would otherwise be in detention. Youth are assessed for eligibility by the Department of Probation using the citywide Risk Assessment Instrument (RAI).

Program Site: Brooklyn, NY

Contact: 718-858-9658

An after-school boxing session at CCA