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 Life Transitions

The Life Transitions Program is designed to assist youth returning to the community from Crossroads Juvenile Center, a New York City Department of Juvenile Justice secure detention facility in Brownsville, Brooklyn.  All youth who are detained at the facility receive weekly life skills instruction.  Youth may choose to voluntarily report to CCA for transitional planning after their release.

Services to voluntarily reporting youth include:

  • School Re-enrollment and Engagement
  • Transitional Plan as developed by the Transitional Specialist
  • Continuation of all services received within Crossroads
  • Mental Health and Substance Treatment Referrals and Aftercare
  • Vocational Training Referrals and Placement Assistance
  • Educational Support Referrals
  • Family Reunification Services
  • Life Skills Groups
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education Services
  • Referrals to Community-Based Services (as needed)

For more information contact the LIFE Transitions Program Coordinator at 718-858-9658.

The New York City Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) provides Secure Detention (custody and care) for alleged Juvenile Delinquents (JDs) and Juvenile Offenders (JOs), ages 10 to 15 who are awaiting resolution of their court cases.