Sound Studio

Kids in the Sound StudioIn 2008, students in the Syracuse After School Program formed a group - Str8 Outa Carnegie. The members are (real names are in parenthesis): L. B. Dizzy (Lamont Johnson), Young Situation (Zjahkeem Boykins), Lil' Daddy (Clive Allen), Tiara Love (Raven McKelvin), Keez (Zakeem Rutledge), Young Katt (Rhasheim Rutledge), Sha (Shakeif Alexander), Izzy (Isiah Griffin), Semaj Days and JFlii (Ja-Kyree Dinkins).

All songs in .mp3 format and can be played through a variety of devices. All songs produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by CCA
Consultant, Isaac 'Einstein' Rothwell of Higher Power Productions, unless otherwise noted.

1— Str8 Outta Carnegie (4.47M) — (L. Johnson, R. McKelvin, Z. Boykins, J. Dinkins, I. Rothwell)
Performed by- Tiara Love, Young Situation, J-Flii & L. B. Dizzy
Backgrounds - Young Katt & Maurice Johnson j Guitar Programming - Zjahkeem Boykins

2 — Bring in da Hornz (3.55M) — (J. Dinkins, L. Johnson, Z. Boykins, C. Allen, Z. Rutledge, R. McKelvin, I. Rothwell)
Performed by- L. B. Dizzy, Young Situation, Tiara Love, Keez, Lil' Daddy j Horn
Programming- Ja-kyree Dinkins

CD cover3 — Crazy (4.99M) — (Z. Boykins, Z. Rutledge, R. Rutledge, S. Alexander, C. Allen, L. Johnson, I. Rothwell)
Performed by- Keez, Sha, Lil Daddy, L. B.Dizzy & Young Situation
Backgrounds - Young Katt & Semaj String Programming - Zjahkeem Boykins

4 — Until I Woke Up (5.67M) — (S. Days, R. McKelvin, S. Alexander, L. Johnson, R. Rutledge, I. Rothwell)
Performed by- Semaj, Tiara Love, L. B. Dizzy, Sha
Drum Programming by - Lamont Johnson

5 — Get it Poppin' (4.12M) — (Z. Boykins, Z. Rutledge, L. Johnson, R. Rutledge, J. Dinkins)
Performed by - L. B. Dizzy, Keez & Young Situation
Backgrounds- Young Katt & J-Flii
Produced & Arranged by Zjahkeem Boykins

6 — Jus' Chill (3.21M) — (L. Johnson, R. Rutledge, Z. Boykins, I. Rothwell)
Performed by- L. B. Dizzy, Izzy, Young Katt, Young Situation
Drum Programming by – Lamont Johnson

7 — How Can I Love (4.91M) — (R. Rutledge, S. Days, Z. Boykins, I. Rothwell)
Performed by- Young Katt, Semaj, Young Situation, Tiara Love

8 — So Fly (3.61M) — (J. Dinkins, S. Days, L. Johnson, I. Rothwell)
Performed by- J-Flii, Semaj & L. B. Dizzy
Produced & Programmed by - Ja-Kyree Dinkins

9 — Do Better (5.6M) — (S. Alexander, S. Days, L. Johnson, I. Rothwell)
Performed by- Sha, Semaj & L. B. Dizzy

10 — Thank You (4.22M) — (R. Rutledge, I. Rothwell)
Performed by - Young Katt & Sha

Str8 Outta Carnegie is a production of the Center for Community Alternatives' After School Alternatives program. Youth programming is funded by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, the NYS Department of Education, NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the City of Syracuse, United Way of Central New York, the Syracuse City School District and various private foundations.

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