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 Strategies for Success - Transitional Planning

Adapted from CCA's Youth Advocacy Client-Specific Planning tool, CCA provides Transitional Planning Services for youth in the Syracuse City School District's Alternative Schools. Upon enrolling in alternative school the youth and their family meets with a transitional planner to conduct an intake interview and develop an alternative school plan. The plan includes goals both academic and personal; it also makes recommendations for participation in CCA's other programs. Typically, the youth will join CCA's After School Alternatives Program, participate as a peer educator or facilitator (Peer Leadership), join a support group and enroll in the Self Development program. In addition to developing the plan, the transitional planner will meet with the student weekly to monitor their progress toward achieving their goals and check their participation in CCA's other programming. The transitional planner also meets with the student's parents twice a month.

As the youth prepares to go back to mainstream school the transitional planner develops a mainstream school plan. This plan also includes goal setting and the progress the student has made during their time in alternative school. The portfolio also follows the student to mainstream school. The portfolio gives the counselors, teachers and school personnel a snapshot of what the student has been working on since their stay in alternative school and includes samples of art, poetry, music, and certificates that proves they completed the 32 hours of training needed to become a peer facilitator/educator. The transitional planner keeps in contact with the youth once a week for the first month they are in mainstream school and every other week there after until the student completes two marking periods in mainstream school.

In addition to the twice monthly contact that the transitional planner has with the parents/families CCA offers monthly support groups.