Writers Workshop

Four CCA youth had their poetry chosen for publication in the Autumn 2008 issue of the Onondaga County Public Library teen magazine, TeenWork.

The ABC’s of Me — Alejandro Ponce, grade 8

A:    Alejandro is my name,
B:    Believe in education and
C:    Common sense because a
D:    Determined student will
E:    Excel in the real
F:    Fundamentals of life’s
G:    Greatest challenges and
H:    Human beings make up
I:     Incredible creatures that
J:     Jump and fly with
K:    Knowledge and power with
L:    Love and charity for
M:   Men and women that
N:    Need the
O:    Opportunities for all
P:    People to be
Q:    Quiet to be
R:    Rondell in the
S:    Store looking for
T:    Trying to
U:    Use the
V:    Van next time to go
W:   West on Highway eighty-one to find
X:    Ena so that we can bring some
Y:    Yearly surprises and black and white
Z:    Zebras to take to Africa.

Just Because I Don’t Do Well in School — Ikiey Coker, grade 8

Just because I don’t do well in school, doesn’t mean I’m not smart.
Just because we’re at war, doesn’t mean it’s gonna stop.
Just because we go to school, doesn’t mean we learn.
Just because I don’t follow others, doesn’t mean I’m lame.
Just because I play the trumpet, doesn’t mean I’m a band geek.
Just because I feel alone, doesn’t mean I’m weak.
Just because they say my name, doesn’t mean I did the crime.
Just because I’m quiet and shy, doesn’t mean I don’t speak my mind.

Just Because I’m Black — Keyma Mills, grade 10

Just because I’m Black, doesn’t mean
I’m ignorant,
Just because I have a nice body, doesn’t mean
I have to show it off,
Just because my mom spoils me, doesn’t mean
I got it all,
Just because it’s money in my pocket, doesn’t mean
I’m going to the mall,
Just because I smile all the time, doesn’t mean
I’m happy,
Just because I have a good life, doesn’t mean
it’s perfect,
Just because I cry, doesn’t mean
I’m hurt,
Just because I’m stressed out, doesn’t mean
I’m lonely

Please… — Zjahkeem Boykins, grade 10

Strengthen me in desperate times
Like this
When I need your help the most,
There is something so delicate that
Is really close to me, pulling my
Attention it says to go and be free,
Don’t let anyone tame you.
Because you are the key to every
Door of life, when you do right, you
Should expect sincerity to raise you
To have enough of what you do need,
Use your energy and work toward
Your calmness.

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