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 Youth Advocacy

Syracuse Youth Services works with court-involved youth who would otherwise remain in detention or face placement in a juvenile or adult correctional facility. Referrals can be made at any stage in the juvenile/criminal justice process: bail, plea, sentence and disposition. CCA provides court advocacy for youth including development of client-specific, alternative-to-detention plans and intensive supervision.

A client-specific plan is based on a review of the case and investigation including interviews with the youth, family members and others. If the youth is eligible, the plan will advocate for an alternative to detention based on the specific circumstance of the case. In addition, the plan will include recommendations on case management, supervision of school attendance, curfews, home visits, enrollment in CCA youth services and referrals to community-based services as needed. If the Court agrees to the plan, then the young person is accepted by CCA and given a case manager. Monthly reports are made to the Court, the County Attorney and/or Probation.

CCA's Youth Services demonstrate that intensive support and care for young people can effectively reduce the use of detention and custodial placement without sacrificing public safety.

Amy Knibbs
Project Director
Client Specific Planning
Center for Community Alternatives
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