Youth Services NYC

In New York City, CCA serves youth in Family Court and youth involved in the adult criminal justice system. Services include intensive community-based supervision, individual case management, curfew monitoring, supervision of school attendance and performance, home visits, random urinalysis testing to determine drug use, educational and vocational counseling, weekly group attendance, health and HIV/AIDS prevention education programs, life skills groups, after school arts enrichment, tutoring, volunteer work in the community and referrals to community based services as needed.

Referrals can be made at any stage in the juvenile/criminal justice process: bail, plea, sentence and disposition. CCA provides court advocacy for youth including development of a client-specific, alternative-to-detention plan. A client-specific plan is based on a review of the case and an investigation including interviews with the youth, relevant family members and others. Based on the investigation, CCA staff make a determination as to whether a youth would benefit from program services. For eligible youth, the plan will advocate for an alternative to detention program based on the specific circumstance of the case. If the Court agrees to the plan, then the young person is accepted by CCA. Upon entry into the program CCA works with youth and their parents, to stabilize their family life, to establish safe and appropriate housing, to arrange reentry to school and to ensure their health needs are being met. Monthly reports are made to the Court, the District Attorney and/or Probation.


Family Court involved youth through the age of 15 are eligible if they face a pending delinquency case or cases, or if they are at risk of placement through the Office of Children and Family Services. Young people in the adult criminal justice system are eligible if they are between the ages of 12 and 16, indicted in Supreme Court as an adult or adjudicated on a delinquency matter and detained at a juvenile facility.


CCA's Youth Services demonstrate that intensive support and care for young people who are court-involved can effectively reduce the use of detention and custodial placement without sacrificing public safety.

Most importantly, Youth Services has been successful in keeping youth out of trouble and out of court.

Program site: Brooklyn, NY

Contact information: 718-858-9658